What is Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC)?

And why is it ESSENTIAL to integrate as an online coach or therapist

With its origins in psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is a powerful coaching model that draws on evidence based psychological models ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)  to create LONG term CONSISTENT change with clients struggling in any area including: stress, anxiety, food and health, relationship, money, work and self esteem.

CBC aims to help clients gain a perspective about whatever is at the root of that person’s difficulty. The coach and the client work together to identify what might be stopping an individual from reaching his or her full potential and what action is needed to take charge of their situation.

So WHY this approach as an online service-based entrepreneur?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a known therapeutic technique which is used to create long lasting changes in a client. While many know CBT as a ‘therapy’ today it has been documented a powerful tool for achieving client  results in  variety of areas. In fact, it has been shown to be superior to many coaching methods when used for business and lifestyle coaching! I have adapted this model to a coaching modality (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching) used to master client's thinking and create long term positive change in business- and in life!

The technique is used to first empower and help coaches achieve their own goals in and outside of their business, and then is adapted personally for their specific niche, to be used as a step by step model of change!

This coaching model challenges the limiting belief systems that a persons has had in place for decades and allows them to shift into a superior paradigm enabling them to break habit patterns, let go of limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.

It is an empowerment tool which means that it throws the ball back to the client to do his or her own  personal development allowing them to solidify their new beliefs immediately and get into inspired action.

These techniques are used in a non therapeutic way and are a game changer in the coaching industry as they can be used to provide:

  • A system to break limiting beliefs and create momentum in any business or lifestyle goal
  • A step by step framework to engage with clients, magnify a brand and fill a practice! 
  • Lasting results with glowing testimonials after each session

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching applies the techniques of CBT in a non-therapeutic way to the problems of every day life enabling individuals to rapidly and efficiently reach their goals.

Having a proven technique which creates breakthroughs for each client that comes in the door is imperative both for  marketing and real long term results.  Many practitioners KNOW they are fantastic facilitators and can create solid change in their clients lives- however they are not always confident of their ability to market and create the contract of change which is essential for change in their clients.