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Hello Confident Star!

In the last 15 years as an online coach and CBT therapist I have learned that external success is contingent to an equal amount of internal mindset work at any level of service based business.

Confidence, clarity, and client attraction come EASILY when you match the outer with the inner at every level of expansion…in business AND in life!

 Years ago, after witnessing too many coaches coming to me for help after struggling after days, months…and even years in the industry- not getting the results they want, ready to throw in the towel for good, I knew I had to help. With a masters in CBT Counselling, an education degree and 10 years experience as a coach I was determined to use my skills to make a difference in an industry… that was broken!

Coaches were bouncing around from one mentor to the next, feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed and BROKE, unable to actually get their message out to the world with confidence and receive the lucrative results in return!

After working together for a very short time I realized that most of the business programs out there do not address two essential ingredients to online success; the internal noise that coaches are dealing with in the industry AND the individualized strategic visibility tools needed for success.

Knowing it is essential to master BOTH the external and internal skills at the same time in order to build LONG TERM confidence, growth, and consistent results, I knew something had to change. I had used the Cognitive Behavioural Coaching system in the past to create my own success online and I began to empower others with the same system to create 6 figures online as well- with confidence AND joy!

Results of the 3 Pillar approach to success

  • Your self sabotage and inner critic disappear
  • Online marketing and strategy become easy to implement
  • Consistency and confidence become the new norm!

When you show up FULLY for the system, it works! Here are a few examples of just how:

The best thing about working with Shelley is, that she is as authentic as it gets. She is not the kind of coach who is going to tell you what you want to hear, she is the loving coach who will love, challenge and encourage you to “show up” and not “play small”. Because she has been exactly were we all new coaches have been, she knows exactly what works, what does not, and also the self-limiting that we all new coaches struggle with. Her advice, the modules, her coaching, her candour is truly priceless! I have been able to stand stronger as a coach, AND get my first batch of senior high paying executive clients!

I am excited about the changes after working with Shelley as I am able to close sales with clients with ease, am selling my program to ideal clients, which I never imagined possible, and I now know I have everything I need to be huge success in the industry! If anyone is considering her work- do it! You will not regret it. You will be working with the best coach. One who understands what you are going through and who wants to support you on this journey. Her material is amazing! Her messages and loving support will nurture and challenge you during this wonderful process. Thank you Shelley. You have made a difference in my life.
— Angela Gallardo Grosvenor
Shelley is an answered prayer! I absolutely loved her courses, her approach, her guidance and enlightenment. This work has not only given me a new light on approaching people but also a new way to approach certain things in my own personal life. I was definitely one of those holistic nutritionists who felt overwhelmed, lost and burnt out trying to explain case studies, which often led to clients also feeling lost, burnt out and overwhelmed with so much information. Now, I have an extra tool to use in my practice to offer options to clients with a gentle long lasting cognitive approach - I feel now there is no one now that I cannot help to some degree. Shelley’s approach really puts the power into your clients hands. Thanks for all your hard work Shelley!!
— J. Mart
Shelley is an incredible coach who will change your life! Her cognitive approach and programs are all centered around behaviours and thoughts, which NEED to come to light more in our industry. Shelley asks questions push you to discover so much about yourself! I love the perspective on this especially for women stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle- or business stress. It is so important that we start loving ourselves instead of trying to hate ourselves into behavioural change. Shelley’s approach and Shelley’s coaching would be benefit to ANYONE but as a coach- I have found exceptional aid that I highly recommend. Shelley is compassionate, excited about what she does and her positive energy easily rubs off on you! Thank you for your work Shelley.
— T. Sterling

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In Service and Success,